A carefully crafted range of flavours to satisfy all your senses

Since starting out, we have made it our objective to create accessible, authentic Italian gelato for everyone to enjoy, and to not only make ice cream that tastes good but also transform your definition of what ice cream feels like. With our unique flavours, you can take a tour around Italy’s charming cities from the comfort of your own home, and explore a new palette of ingredients, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.


An intense, unmistakable flavor enriched by the sunkissed, organic pistachios of Bronte, Italy.


Traditional confection from Turin transformed into handmade Italian gelato, includes four layers: two soft outer layers of hazelnut chocolate and two inner layers of pure dark chocolate and white chocolate.


The globally known and loved Italian dessert now in the shape of delicious gelato. Savoiardi biscuits, Neapolitan coffee, fresh mascarpone, milk and cream are blended together to create the most unique of gelato flavours.

Mascarpone and figs

The sweetness of mascarpone, a traditional Italian cheese, paired with the intense aroma of caramelized figs in a delicate and flavorful balance.


A simple combination of “Fiordilatte” and melted milk chocolate, that immediately freezes when it comes in contact with the gelato, creating crunchy flakes of chocolate that surprise you at every bite.

Grandma's Cookie

Samuele transformed his grandma’s recipe for cookies into a delicious gelato. Sweet, crunchy and creamy make this flavour an all-time favourite.

Ferrero Rocher

A faithful representation of the luxurious Ferrero chocolate, includes premium milk chocolate and praline hazelnuts.


The notorious Nutella, a creamy blend of hazelnut and chocolate, is now delightfully blended into a creamy, chocolate-rich gelato flavour.


Enjoy toasted hazelnuts straight from Piedmont, Italy, delightfully blended in a creamy, smooth gelato.


Enjoy lively, flavorful Sicilian lemons, perfect if you’re looking for something sour and juicy, extremely refreshing in the hot days.

Espresso Coffee

For the lovers of authentic, rich Italian espresso. A creamy and delicate flavour made with freshly brewed Neapolitan coffee that will immediately transport you to a small Italian coffee shop.


Made for the purists. A mix of high-quality chocolate for a rich, decadent, intense flavor outbreak.


A rich, creamy flavour made only with freshly roasted Italian almonds straight from Sicily.


Made only with the freshest whipping cream and milk, it’s the most classic Italian flavour.


Sweet and acidic, our yogurt is made from low-fat yogurt coming directly from the Italian Alps.


Made according to an ancient recipe from Milan, this saffron-infused flavour combines oriental spices with Italian tradition and offers a delicate, yet powerful taste.


The setting stone for Italian gelato. Fresh milk and cream are slowly infused with grade-A vanilla pods from Madagascar, to create a rich flavour.


A refreshing, sour flavour made from pomegranate pulp and sauce. Great as a solo-pick or accompanied by other fruity flavours.

Black mulberry

A wonderful mix of sweet and tangy, this natural delight combines the healing properties and the fruity flavour of the mulberry.


Fresh mangoes sourced locally are made into a thick pulp, then filtered and blended into a sweet and rich sorbet.


For this sorbet Samuele uses only the pulp from ripe and juicy Italian peaches collected during the summer.

strawberry flavour


Made with freshly picked and locally-sourced strawberries for a fruity, natural and tasty sorbet.

Kinder Chocolate

For our Kinder chocolate ice cream, Samuele tried recreating the iconic kids chocolate treat. This gelato flavour features premium white chocolate, milk gelato and thin layers of solid milk chocolate to give it texture.

Samuele's gelato

How to get your hands on one of our handmade Italian delights

Our gelato is handmade every day by the passionate Samuele Angolani, a master gelato maker with 14 years of experience which you and your loved ones can enjoy by using one of these apps listed below. This allows you to enjoy a completely safe and hassle-free experience and have our delicious ice cream delivered to your doorstep.