Our Story

samuele's gelato

Discover our chef's story: Samuele Angolani

Since 2008 we have striven to create a unique Italian ice cream that best represents Italy. Now we share our passion for gelato with Dubai.

He toured Italy to see how different cities and cultures result in different gelatos and unique flavours, and formed a great understanding of what makes a good artisanal gelato great.
After learning the art of creating delicious gelato that represents Italy and its heritage perfectly, he started creating and selling his own artisanal gelato. People loved it, and the modern twist he introduced to classic gelato is what made him stand out from off-the-shelf and industrial ice cream.

our quality

It’s no secret, we know what it takes to put together the perfect ice cream experience

Our 15 years of gelato-making experience, Italian heritage, and ever-growing culinary repertoire have enabled us to create ice cream that outgrows being a cold snack into a fully-fledged experience and trip to flavor-land.

Our in-house gelato recipes are primarily made from organic, Italian ingredients and infused with passion of Italian heritage, allowing you to indulge in a piece of delicious culinary art.

The flavours we create have stood proudly in face of change and different generations, so rest assured you and your loved ones’ taste buds will thank you later for trying our gelato.

our vision

Turning ice cream into an art form from day one

Here at Samuele’s, we beg to differ from off-the-shelf ice cream by teaching our customers how Italian gelato can be an art form, and introducing them to flavorful experiences that show them what real ice cream is supposed to taste, feel, and look like.

You will discover Italy one scoop at a time.